Karam Kriya 4 Kundalini Yoga

The Karam Kriya school offers a new Karam Kriya training for Kundalini Yoga Teachers of 5 weekends in the Netherlands in which you get a basic interpretation of the numbers and how to apply them on, for example the date of birth of a person. Also Karam Kriya uses the sacred wisdom of numbers to see through our karmic patterns and guides you to renew them into dharmic ones. It serves to awaken right understanding and turn the mind towards the spirit. In this way, we can contribute to our own enlightenment.




WE 1: 18-19 november

WE 2: 27-28 januari

WE 3: 24-25 maart

WE 4: 21-22 april

Residential in Quinta do Rajo: 11-14 mei (optioneel)

WE 5: 30 juni-1juli


Prijs (excl. residential met Shiv Charan Singh): 787.50 euro.


Contact: info@karamkriya.nl for registration or more information






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