Programma en data

"My main interest is not just to teach techniques – these can be learnt from books, but to enter into the shared space of a negotiated relationship to the unknown, which is the frontier of our consciousness".

- Shiv Charan Singh



The training is organised in 9 weekend in Eindhoven with a 5-day Ashram Experience in Portugal. The dates, subjects and trainers per weekend are:


Weekend 1: 31 mrt-1 April - Foundation: HariKrishan Singh (Germany/ Netherlands)


Weekend 2: 5-6 May - Sound en Mantra: Charanpal Singh (Finland)


Weekend 3: 30 June - 1 July - Anatomy: Bachitar Kaur (Germany)


Weekend 4: 8-9 September Pranayama en Lifestyle: Amrit Dev Kaur (Netherlands)


Weekend 5: 6-7 October Postures: Jagat Prem Kaur (Finland)


Weekend 6: 3-4 November Meditation: Charanpal Singh (Finland)


Weekend 7: 8-9 December Humanology: Jagat Prem Kaur (Finland)


Weekend 8: 19-20 January Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher: Bachitar Kaur (Germany)


Weekend 9: 16-17 February Death and Dying, Patanjali: HariKrishan Singh (Germany/ NL)


In the first weekend of the training, we will confirm the date of the Ashram Experience, which will likely be booked early 2019. Also the exam date will be confirmed.



Daily schedule


5:00 Sadhana (only Sunday)


8:00 Breakfast (only Sunday)


9:00 Teachings


13:00 Lunch


14:30 Teachings


18:00 Finish




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